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Binyamin Meir Airley HY"D

Born on September 26,2002 (כ תשרי תשס”ד) in NYC, he spent his first few years living in Brooklyn and Cedarhust, NY. The Airley family made Aliyah in the summer of 2006 to Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel. He is the 2nd oldest of six children. 

Growing up, Binyamin was always sporty and social.  He was a youth group leader in Bnei Akiva in Bet Shemesh, spent some summers at sleep away camps, enjoyed hiking, camping and family excusions. He was skilled at breakdancing, drumming, and running long distances. Binyamin enjoyed reading books on Israel’s history- modern and biblical- as well psychology and Jewish law.  He had a  deep love affair with Israel’s nature, especially natural springs. 

Binyamin was a magnet. While he always shyed away from being the center of attention – except on the dance floor- somehow all were drawn to him. His honesty, positivity, listening skills, empathy, and fun energy are some of the reasons he has hundreds of friends around the country. 

He had dirty blond hair, was tall, strong, had a radiating smile that would light up the room . 

Binyamin had been through many school institutions from elementary thru high school. All of which were various building blocks in his education and life experiences. He graduated high school from Tzvia yeshiva high school in Eilat and began his army career in Tzfat’s Hesder program. Ultimately, after much physical training, he was accepted into the elite 101 Paratrooper unit in the army.

Binyamin was passionate about the land of Israel and it’s Biblical significance and holiness. His life mission was to protect the Land and keep it safe and thriving so all Jews can settle it and live anywhere in Israel peacefully. 

Binyamin lived and died with that mission. At the age of 21, Binyamin Meir was killed in battle in northern Gaza on November 18th when he pushed his way forward to neutralize terrorists shooting at other soldiers.

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Growth/Chessed Challenge

This is a personal challenge. Take on something specific. It’s good for you and for the world. Please take a minute right now and sign up. Here is how it works. Here are resources. Click here to DONATE.

Chankiot for Soldiers

The impact of crates of menorahs that were given to Israeli soldiers in Gaza and in the north provided greatly needed light to shine the Chanukah spirit to all in the midst of the war. Click here to LEARN MORE or to DONATE.

Kerem Binyamin

Binyamin began building his dream which was to plant a vineyard and bring the Shomron to life as well as making his own wine. Although he planted the vineyard his life was taken before he could harvest and see it to fruition. Now, the family is carrying on the vision and bringing this dream into a reality. Click here to LEARN MORE or to DONATE.

Inspirational Resources

Here you can find inspiring, meaningful and engaging content, resources, articles and videos. Click here to LEARN MORE or to DONATE.

Join Binyamin’s father Rob Airley’s Daily 3 minutes about learning about how to grow in the vital mitzva of Lashon Hara. Binyamin was a great example of not speaking badly about anyone. Learn how you can upgrade your life. Join Here

Beit Shemesh Syeret

The Deaf and Blind students have been so inspired they ae building vital handicap library. History is being made as the blind and deaf will be hiking Shvil Yisrael (Hiking path across the country). Binyamin inspired others to get out of their comfort zone and hike the beautiful land of Israel.Click here to LEARN MORE or to DONATE.

Eilat Music Room

Binyamin began the process of building a much needed music room in a Yeshivat Tzvia in Eilat Israel. This builds students and gives teens the opportunity to express themselves in a healthy way as well as providing great entertainment for audiences. Click here to LEARN MORE or to DONATE.

Binyamin’s BBQ Brigade

If one of us are called up we are all called up. Ask not what can I get but how can I give? There is a great need to feed the soldiers physically, spiritually and emotionally. What’s special? Every bbq has inspiring and engaging words of Torah that soldiers of any background can relate to. We are continually providing for our beloved soldiers. Come be part of it. Click here to LEARN MORE or to DONATE.

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