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Ahavat Chessed – This is a primer on what kindness is and how to do it. It was written by the Chafetz Chaim. English link Hebrew Link

The Glittering World of Chessed Amazing stories about Chessed by Rabbi Pesach Krohn Chessed is the gem that adorns every Jew, a gem that is found, not in a locked vault or jewel case, but in our hearts and deeds. This book will inspire us, and also guide us, in polishing our own jewels of chessed to a brilliant and beautiful

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The Chicken Lady



WATCH & READ 🎥 // As the mother of an IDF soldier who has been killed in Gaza is on the way to her son’s funeral in Israel, his British-born father pays tribute to his ‘leader’ son. Full story on the Jewish News website. 🔗 Rob Airley, the father of Sergeant Binyamin Meir Airley of the Paratroopers Brigade’s 101st Battalion, was speaking at his funeral on Sunday. Sgt. Airley lived in Beit Shemesh and was one of six children of Rob and his wife, Jen.

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Pray for a soldier in danger: Get the name of a soldier here

Join the WhatsApp group: Learn about How to Guard your tongue by the Chofetz Chaim by Binyamin’s father Rob Airley with daily what’s app Lesson a Day- only 3 minutes a day

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